Rachel Weaver Rivera
Artist and Art Educator, Founder of Imagine Art Studio

Original Artwork, Professional Development Workshops, Art Instruction

REGISTERING NOW for Spring Session


FALL 2017 Art Classes for Children


At the Kensington Arts Center Housed at Emmanuel Church

203 South Kensington, La Grange, IL 60525 

For enrollment instructions, visit:


Instructor, Rachel Weaver Rivera, MFA

Call Rachel at 773-203-6659 with questions or email  at imagineartstudio@sbcglobal.net

Classes promote friendship, self-expression, and FUN. Everyone is welcome. 



Need a fun way to unwind after finishing your homework? Want to learn professional-artist drawing and painting techniques? Discover how to develop effective compositions and skills such as expressive contour line, basic perspective, proportion, shading, blending, and more. Explore materials like charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil on surfaces such as cardboard, wood, canvas, and watercolor paper. New projects each session!

Mondays nights from 7:15-8:30 PM: Session 1- 9/11,18,25,10/2, 9, 16, 23 and or Session 2- 11/6, 13, 27, 12/4, 11
Fee: Session 1-$140 (7 weeks) Session 2-$100 (5 weeks)



Like tapping into your imagination? Eager to bring wild ideas to life? Learn how to paint still life, animal portraits, fantastical landscapes, and moving figure drawings that reveal hidden meanings and profound character. Focus on experimenting with interesting material combinations and building compositional layers. Use fun materials such as liquid watercolor in spray bottles, tempera paint with hand-made brushes, and acrylic paint on canvas. New projects each session!
Saturday afternoons from 4-5:15 PM: Session 1-9/9, 16, 23,30,10/7, 21, 28 and or Session 2-11/4, 18, 12/2, 9, 16
Fee: Session 1-$140 (7 weeks) Session 2-$100 (5 weeks)


3rd Saturday of the Month: 9/16, 10/21, & 11/18, 10-11 AM

Cost: $20 (for child/caregiver pairs) or $50 total if you sign up for all three! WHAT A DEAL.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to make art with your child YOU CAN’T MAKE AT HOME. Bring your coffee and camera. Have fun observing and supporting your child to enjoy sensory-based process art. Spend quality time connecting with your young artist while he or she investigates materials like paint, colored chalk, stamps, clay, collage, light, ice, glitter, and glue. Each session will include 4-5 “exploration-stations.” Some projects will be large-scale collaborative and some will be make and take home.

Holiday Art Workshop Schedule

Cost: $30 each or $20 each if you sign up for 3 or more! ENROLL: 773-203-6659.

Wacky Witch on a Stick: Saturday 10/14/17 from 1-2:30 PM

Learn to make a festively frightening witch-on-a-stick using simple recycled materials. Have fun celebrating the spookiest season by putting your wicked imagination to work.

Pop-Up Spooky Haunted House: Saturday 10/21/17 from 1-2:30

Squeeeaaak. Creak. BOO! Be the architect of your own pop-up haunted h ouse on a wooden base. Create a holiday decoration to treasure- complete with tombstones, spider webs, ghosts peeking out of broken windows and more!

Terrific Bling Turkeys: Saturday 11/18/17 from 1-2:30

Goble, goble. Have fun making a turkey sculpture out of recycled materials. Re-purpose ordinary household “junque” into a fashionably-wacky decoration for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Your company will be SO impressed!

Fancy Flying Christmas Angel: Saturday 12/9/17 from 1-2:30

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO! It’s an amazing angel. Create the most lovely angel you can imagine with sparkling fabrics, colorful netting, feathers, ribbons, gems, and more. Style a beaded loop from which to fly your celestial being.

Please make checks out to Kensington Arts Center

 $20 annual registration fee.


Parents and caregivers are welcome at any time during class. Pop in a few minutes early at pick up time to see what your child has been working on. Typically, children take ALL their work home on the last day of class in a special portfolio.


Make-up Policy: No problem if you or your child would like to make up the class within the same session. Please call or email with your request so you can be certain the other class you wish to attend has space available.


Birthday Art Parties

Call Rachel at 773-203-6659 to Schedule


The CREATIVE WAY to celebrate your child’s next birthday!

-1.5 hours, typically on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon

-Includes pre-party planning meeting, instruction, & materials

-Birthday child chooses a *special project for everyone to make

-Project takes 1 hour

-30 minutes for cake (you bring) & presents

-Up to 20 children maximum

-$20 per child


Call 773-203-6659 to schedule a time to visit the studio, talk over details, and view projects:

*Mermaid house, fancy felt purse, wood room sign, magical mobile, super sun catcher, pirate ship, spy hideout, shark tank, lovely room corner, paper bag puppy, and more!